Side Eye Alert: Blue Ivy Dressed Like a Boy?


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If you haven’t heard the latest gossip around the net regarding the latest photo of Blue Ivy, here it is:


Blue Ivy Hat with Tims


After seeing this photo, a lot of people on twitter and the web starts to share their thoughts.

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blue twitter2


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First off let me start by saying, that Blue Ivy is an innocent child who can’t help what her parents or the other adults around her dressed her up in. She is a child who is trying to be a normal kid and in her own little world. So I do not want this post to appear as if Destiny’s Rehab is attacking a baby who has no control over her environment nor her daily attire.

What puzzled me regarding Blue Ivy’s appearance for the past year is the fact that Beyoncé and Jay z  appears to pimp their daughter when it is gain for themselves. I do not doubt that they love their little girl no matter how much the public may criticize their behavior or actions as artists.

But I would’ve of thought Beyoncé dressed Blue Ivy in cute girl clothing and embraced “girl power” as Beyoncé’s promoted in the past. Now do not get me wrong– I am not for this little girl to dress inappropriate attire like high heels, short skirts, or looking like the next toddler walking a pageant.

Everytime, I see Blue Ivy she is always dress in “blue” clothing–hence because of her name. But now timberlands and fitted jeans and boys t- shirt with not an ounce of girl colors or any indication she is a girl. Why are they dressing this little girl as a mini thug on a corner? *blink blink* Timberlands construction style  for a little girl? Heck at least if she going to wear Timberlands—can’t she wear the pink ones like these?


Is she a little girl or a boy?  Not to mention this poor child’s hair do not look like a comb has seen her scalp in days.  A baby can’t be able to control what her parents provides for her. I blame parents for this foolishness. This can create a lot of confusion for a child who is still at the development stage to learn his/her environment.

I would’ve thought Beyoncé and Tina would doll this girl up in cute little appropriate outfits. Grandma Tina….where are you in this mess?—-something in the water is not clean if you ask me.

Then again watching Beyoncé performed overseas wearing a “Mickey Mouse Hat” singing ‘If I was a Boy’, is strange as well. *sips tea*

 This is a classic example of Mind Control gone overboard. WTF is up with that outfit!

Either way I just hope Blue Ivy finds a way to get out of this mess. I pray this little girl is able to enjoy her life without people around her using her for photo ops to gain attention or avoid bad press.

Your thoughts?