Tea Time: Jay Z Opens Up About Beyonce? *Side Eye*



Beyonce 19 years old and Jay z a grown man drooling over a teenager.


Here is some disturbing tea I’ve read today. After I’ve  read it, it totally confirmed my suspicion regarding Jay z for years now. Now in no way nor fashion Destiny’s Rehab is stating anything in this tea is 100% proof of my suspicions. However, as the saying goes where there is smoke there is fire. Something in the milk anit clean when it comes to Jay z’s associations. Point blank—-this man has issues. Read the tea for you to follow my thoughts.

According to Sandra Rose, here is the scoop:

Jay Z Opens Up About Beyonce: “Would I Still Be Jay Z?”

jayz-beyonce black and white


Someone sent this to me on Facebook. This should make everyone rethink their opinions on Jay Z — and not in a good way.

Jay Z writes:

“The way she has changed my life… If I didn’t have her…? Where would I be? Who will I be? Sometimes I wonder if I would still be Jay-Z. It’s so surreal. First time I laid eyes on her she was 16, I had a thought in my head, “she will be mine“, became my best friend….20 years old, it was time.. before you knew it she made me swallow my pride and my own words bit me in the ass.. “Forever mackin” – 8 years later, married, one kid. She saved me. @ibbaddie @baddiebey”


There was also  commentators  on Sandra Rose who also called the foolishness:

Ms.Fashion says:

So he was/is a predator!!! He was the same about Aaliyah as well!!!

He seem like the type to want what he feels he can control and use and call it love!!!

Just like he used Kanye to stay relevant now he on JT jock strap!!!

He should name his next CD, My Ambitions as a DyckRider!!!!

mimi08 says:

They are so fake.  There is a reason for every song, every statement, every picture, released.  It’s all part of a commercialism and maintaining an image.  Makes you wonder how much of it is real…Probably not much.  They claim to be so private, however, they strategically release information about themselves when it’s beneficial for doing so.  They are marketing geniuses, and greed drives them.  Their ego’s will be their downfall.  They are still together because they both believe they are on top, despite record sales to the contrary.  The minute one starts to slip from the top spot, their marriage will be over.  They feed on one another like leaches.  They give the illusion of being humble, especially beyonce, when that is the farthest quality from her true character.

So many people do not like this couple, be that entertainers or regular citizens, but are afraid to publicly say so because of fear of backlash.  In secret, when they are exposed for wrongdoing, people are happy, and praying they get their just due.  One day, their entire house of cards will fall, and everyone whose been done wrong by either beyonce or jayz will sing like birds.  It will be devastating for them both, and it will truly be the end of them.

I could never understood why a grown man would have such an obsession with women 10-15 years younger than him raises an eyebrow to me. *side eye* Borderline pedophile?

Here is some photos in the past of Jay z 28 yrs old man lurking around a then 19 yrs old Beyonce (first pic):

dc_90s-Jay 28 Beyonce 19

beyonce teen jay z

Now we also have to remember Jay z has a past history of lurking around young girls. Remember when Jay z was constantly around Aaliyah. There was a rumor that they did have a relationship in the past and then Jay z pass her to Dame Dash.


jay z and aaliyah


RIP Aalyiah

No disrespect to Aaliyah but it was rumored for years she was pass on to different industry men for years.

Now remember Jay z and R.Kelly was good friends for many years until R.Kelly was going to trail and Jay z drop him like a hot potato. But again, the acussations was toss at R.Kelly years before the trail—so why was Jay z still hanging around him? *blink blink*

Remember this TEA in the past…

What Do Jay Z and R Kelly Have in Common?

by Jacky Jasper

R Kelly Jay Z Beyonce Three-Way Love

3-Way Sex with Beyonce!

HSK Exclusive - Jay Z may have ‘put a ring on it’, but that may not mean he’s opposed to sharing Beyonce with his boys.

According to one music industry insider (formerly of Jive Records) – Jay Z granted R Kelly the green light to smash Beyonce, during a threesome sex session the trio once shared.

It’s all reported to have gone down during the time Jay Z and R Kelly were tight, apparent to many through their string of musical collaborations. This before the pair parted ways back in 2005, following the melting of that relationship during the ‘Best of Both Worlds‘ tour. Now, the that very phrase ‘Best of Both Worlds’ seems suspect in itself. Don’t you agree?

So, how did the information leak?

Sources say Jay Z didn’t exactly ‘Keep It On The Down Low’, adding the last person the Roc-A-Fella Records founder should have shared the info with is Nick Cannon. Don’t believe me.. Ask Tracy Nguyen.”

Here’s how the conversation with my insider about the incident went down:

My insider contacted me saying:

Hey Jacky, I got something that’s gonna blow your mind!

I replied:

“Nothing surprises me in this business we call entertainment”.

My insider chuckled before saying:

“Did you ever hear the story about R. Kelly and Jay Z running a train on Beyonce?”.

I immediately responded:

“Jay don’t even kick it with R. Kelly, and that’s kinda crazy because Jay and Bey are married!”.

My insider revealed:

“This shit happened a long time ago when Jay and R. Kelly were friends. The story came to light because of Nick Cannon’s mouth.

Jay, Nick and a few others were on a private plane from New York. During the flight they were being guys, and started talking about a bunch of shit. They forgot the youngster Nick was on the plane.

Suddenly, Jay told the guys he and R. Kelly both had sex with Beyonce at the same time. Nick couldn’t believe what he just heard – so when he got off the plane, he called his handler at Jive Records. She told him ‘I didn’t hear what you just told me and you didn’t hear it either.’

My insider continued:

“I’m an executive, those guys are all talent to me. Jay did say it, because around the same time Nick told his handler over at Jive is when I heard about Beyonce’s menage a trois.”

Oh and let’s not forget when Jay z had his eye on 17 yr old Rihanna as well.


Rihanna and Jay z

Again I ask Rehabbers—what is up with this man obsession with hanging out with young females 10-15 yrs younger than him?

It is clear to me that in Hollywerid nothing surprises me no more. I just find it disturbing to see so many grown men chasing after teenagers is ridiculous. Have we ever seen Jay z with a woman close to his age? It’s not only Jay z it is a lot of Hollyweird members doing this behind the scenes.

I’ve found Jay’s comment disturbing and it revealed the truth that without Beyonce—Jay z would never reach the level he is at and vice versa. He has a history to run around chasing young girls–the next it thing to cling on to anything to stroke his ego to live like he is 18 instead of a grown 43 yr old man!

I’ll leave you guys with this video to open your eyes to Hollyweird.


 Your thoughts?