Side Eye Alert: Beyonce’s Publicist Request Website to Take Down “Unflattering” Photos



Beyonce with her publicist- Yvette Noel Schure


*Pull out your tea cups—do I got some tea for you*

If you haven’t heard the lastest “buzz” that is lurking on the net regarding Beyonce’s camp, let me deliver the tea and the cookies for you.

It all started by the website–Buzzfeed-33 Fiercest Moments From Beyonce’s Halftime Show who vocalized their comical humor and shade all wrap in one regarding Beyonce’s half time performance. Buzzfeed is no stranger to call celebs out for utter nonsense and BS. The website wanted to express the hilarity of the halftime Superbowl performance that majority of viewers expressed days after the Superbowl Sunday.

Now after this article was posted by Buzzfeed. It appeared Beyonce’s camp was lurking into blogs to seek a huge amount of “gas your head juice” for Beyonce. *file nails*   Beyonce and her camp clearly did not  like the critique nor wanted to be shown in an unflattering light.  Ladies and Gentlemen, this is an example of typical narcissist behavior. A narcissist likes to control things around them and mold everyone perception on how they would like to be portrayed.

Let me drop the tea on what happen to BuzzFeed below:

The “Unflattering” Photos Beyoncé’s Publicist Doesn’t Want You To See

After Beyoncé’s Super Bowl halftime show, we posted this piece about how fierce she was. Then this email came in. In what world are these shots unflattering?

The email:

beyonce-publicist email-exposed

And the photos from the live halftime performance broadcast to 108.4 million people she says are “unflattering”:

And the photos from the live halftime performance broadcast to 108.4 million people she says are "unflattering":

BuzzFeed emailed asking for further explanation but didn’t receive a response.



First off, I want to give props to Buzzfeed for putting this on blast and furthermore not to cave into Beyonce’s camp foolishness. Last time I check, everyone has a right to free speech and Beyonce performed in a public venue. She decided to be an entertainer—now deal with it good and bad.

Now if she do not like the truth to be reveal—that she is “not perfect”.  Then sweetheart get out of the entertainment business.  Photos tell a million words— Beyonce’s age is shown and her crotch is out for the world to see.   Beyonce are you beginning to see how ridiculous you look on Superbowl half time show? After the smoke clears and all the hype from her stans die down, does she really want that image to be left for Blue Ivy to see?

This is not a behavior any mother would like to show to their children. Beyonce you are not 20 years old. She HAD the ability to sing at one point of her career. I hate to state this but Beyonce’s vocals have declined over the years. I use to be a fan in the Dangerously in Love era. But then Beyonce’s image gotten too dark for me and frankly I couldn’t stand the lies from her and her camp.

A fan or not—- she sounded better back in the day. That is the truth.

Remember this:


Why in the world did she feel it was necessary to show her sex appeal at the Superbowl instead of marketing her vocal abilities and show some depth as an artist. If she can stand at the Grammys in an elegant dress and sing to gain attention, why can’t she do that now? Sex sell strategy can only last for so long.

A true artist is able to capture an audience without all the flash and sex.  Example—-ADELE.



The public is tired of the same routine. Beyonce needs to expand  her brand and reinvent her look and material. It is not 2003—we are in 2013. I wish she would stop trying to send her camp to clean up her mess and do her dirty work. If I was a betting woman, I could’ve swear that someone in her camp is trying to ruin her.

Not to mention—-I see Beyonce took a visit to Nene Leaks’ plastic surgeon (joking) because for the life of me who in the hell did that to her nose? Beyonce, word of advice please stop going to the plastic surgeon with your momma. Because that surgeon is doing a terrible job!

tina superbowl 2013


Beyonce use to look good in her early days of Destiny’s Child. But this right here—not a good look. WTF happen to her nose?


beyonce-nosejob 2013

Here is another site who also notice the physical changes.

This tea is the proof that Destiny’s Rehab always told you the real tea for years.  Mainstream media is just catching up with her foolishness.

Beyonce’s camp patrol the blogs and pay off   call and email blogs to post stories about Beyonce in a positive light and banned stories from never leaking.  So if Yvette can call and email a blog to remove “unflattering photos of Beyonce” what else does she do?  It is also rumor that Beyonce had paid “stans” to lurk on blogs and write flattering comments and bash anyone who had different views.

Again I ask who in the hell is Beyonce’s manager? Now this ish right here is nothing but Beyonce’s insecurities sneaking out. If she is comfortable with her image, why in the world does she feel the need to control what photos come out? The Superbowl halftime was a public event. If she wanted to look a certain way, she should’ve toss the slutty leotard and gave a performance that she could be proud of.

Now that I know who is her PR person. Let me say this—  Yvette my dear you need to tell your client that the gig is up. Her days are numbered with the public. No one is buying the lies anymore and stop trying to run to blogs to control your client fake image. I thought everyone should accept Beyonce—Flaws and all right?

Perhaps if Beyonce’s publicist really read the comments on several blogs she would see people are sick of her client and do not like to be force to eat up her lies and stop giving her bad advice. The best advice for Beyonce was to come out and be classy and honest in 2013. No one wants to see a married woman with a baby (side eye on how she arrived into the world) pu**y pop and gyrating her hips on a Super Bowl halftime show Sixteen years in the industry and this is all Beyonce can come up with?

Heck not to mention all that effort Beyonce did for the Super Bowl didn’t amount to ish for ratings. *sips tea* Beyonce rehearsed several months for the Superbowl and even lip synched at the Presidential Inauguration.

Madonna had higher ratings for her 2012 halftime performance than Beyonce. Heck and I was not a fan of Madonna’s demonic halftime show, but she did better in my opinion. Madonna at least switch her routine up and did not overwhelmed the public with her halftime show PR hype every 5 mins. 

Many viewers did the same thing I did on Superbowl night. They simple turn the channel once the halftime performance came on and let their voices be heard.

Madonna Tops Beyonce In Super Bowl Halftime Show Ratings

Despite putting on a more than adequate halftime show, Beyonce didn’t beat the Madonna’s 2012 Super Bowl ratings.

Beyonce’s Super Bowl audience hit an average of 104 million on Sunday night, according to a Billboard estimate via data from Nielsen. The halftime show, which began around 8:10 p.m., scored a 48.2 in the 8 to 8:30 p.m. time slot and was one of the most-watched portions of the annual NFL event.

Still, that number fell short of Madonna’s Super Bowl ratings, which reached 112.5 million viewers. In fact, Billboard notes that when the final numbers are released Beyonce’s ratings will likely come in even lower than estimated.

Madonna’s 12-minute extravaganza included performances by Nicki Minaj, M.I.A., LMFAO and Cee-Lo Green. The 54-year-old pop singer performed some of the greatest hits from her 30-year career, including “Like A Prayer,” “Vogue” and a sampling of “Express Yourself.”

Madonna’s halftime show not only bested Beyonce, but it also beat all others as the most-watched halftime performance in Super Bowl history.

Super Bowl XLVI, aired on NBC last year, was the most watched American television program of all time with 111.3 million viewers, according to Deadline. This year’s Super Bowl ranks third.

Despite the numbers, Beyonce was happy with her performance.

“I’m feeling so proud, it was a really beautiful day and I’m very happy for Ray [Lewis],” she told Extra! TV after the game. “All the hard work, five months of preparation and it was really great.”

But, we have to ask…

Whose Super Bowl Halftime Show was better?  ( Go Vote- results so far)

Beyonce! 47.17%

Madonna! 52.83%
Madonna’s response:

Here is The Prophet Blog who also express the same thoughts:

Beyonce’s Publicist Asks Website To Take Down “Unflattering” Super Bowl Photos

As if most of us didn’t already suspect that Beyonce’s team tries to force the media into reporting all positive things about the known thief and plagiarizer, now we’ve got some proof to back it up.

After the popular websiteBuzzfeed did a glowing and extremely generous poston what had to be the most unimaginative and recycled Super Bowl halftime performance of the past ten years, Bey’s publicist had the nerve to privately contact the site and request that they remove all “unflattering” photos of Beysic.

Buzzfeed has rightfully put Team eBey on blast for the bullshit move by publicly posting the e-mail on their site.

I’m surprised this e-mail didn’t have Yvette promising Buzzfeed exclusive Beyonce content and expensive gifts if they obliged and took down the photos. Perhaps that part was expressed verbally over the phone, so that way Buzzfeed wouldn’t have any written proof of Team Beyawnce’s desperate and shady attempts to control the press.


I totally agreed with The Prophet Blog’s assessment of this tea. All that Super Bowl hype was for nothing but to boost and repair Beyonce’s image with the public to regain her hype after her fourth album 4 flopped!  Babygate and the lip synched fiasco is the last straw the public can tolerate from Beyonce’s camp. Now they trying to control the blogs too? *blink blink*  NO MAM!—-the public have answered and truth will be revealed.


Your thoughts?