Side Eye Alert: The Carters + Blue Ivy + Car = No Car Seat!?!




After learning this story from a tip from one of our loyal readers, I was in disbelief and frankly angry!

According to dailymail, here is the story:

Living the high life already! Beyoncé and Jay Z take their little bundle Blue Ivy for family meal at Nobu

Her parents are said to be worth around $500million so little Blue Ivy will want for nothing.

And the little girl is already living the high life with her superstar parents Beyoncé and Jay-Z and today the family enjoyed a meal together in New York.

The trio enjoyed lunch at trendy restaurant Nobu in the Tribeca area of the city.


My little bundle: Beyoncé was seen cradling her daughter Blue Ivy after enjoying dinner at Nobu in New York


My little bundle: Beyoncé was seen cradling her daughter Blue Ivy after enjoying dinner at Nobu in New York

The pricey eatery is a popular choice for celebrities although it is doubtful that many patrons take young babies with them.

But then given Blue Ivy is already a star in her own right – she is already the youngest artist ever to be on the Billboard charts after appearing on Jay-Z’s record – she will no doubt have received the full VIP treatment.

As the family left the restaurant Jay Z was seen beaming with pride while Beyoncé carried the two-month-old baby in a harness.

Living the high life: The two-month-old was taken to an upmarket eatery by her parents as the trio enjoyed spending time together as a family

Proud papa: Jay-Z was seen beaming as he left the restaurant with his wife and daughter

The singer had also wrapped a light coloured blanket around her little bundle as the family made their way to the chauffeur driven car waiting for them.

Beyoncé was looking as stylish as ever in a black fedora hat and matching blazer.

Family time: The singer was seen cuddling her daughter as she sat in the back while Jay Z took a front seat in their chauffeur driven car

Family time: The rapper and his wife will no doubt have enjoyed the dinner as a family together

Family time: The rapper and his wife will no doubt have enjoyed the dinner as a family together

She climbed into the back of the large SUV and was seen cradling Blue tenderly.

The singer’s bright blue nails, no doubt a tribute to her only child, could be seen as she held her daughter.

Beyoncé has been seen taking her daughter for strolls, with the help of her security team, and it is clear she is doting on child.

But while she is spending her time being a mother she certainly has let her dress sense slide.

In fact the singer has been stepping out in a series stylish ensembles for the walks with Blue Ivy.

Beyoncé ‘s father Matthew Knowles has recently spoke about his granddaughter at an event in London.

The 60-year-old said: ‘She’s already the youngest artist ever to be on the Billboard Charts. I just saw Beyoncé and Blue Ivy two days ago.

‘She has already got fifty per cent growth in three weeks. She is going to be a really tall kid.’

‘You just want to love and kiss her but the great thing with grandkids is that you can give them back.’


After these photos were sent out this weekend, people are questioning why Blue Ivy was not placed in a car seat.

The comments went crazy on the daily mail.

Their baby is too important to be in a car seat I suppose. Idiots

- RB 007, Liverpool. UK, 18/3/2012 4:03

Ok it’s okay to carry the baby in your arm when u are out and about on your usual walks but I thought for the baby’s safety, you put the baby in a car seat with seat belts strapped. It’s obviously not a law in america then. Safety first Beyonce.

- foxy, surrey, 18/3/2012 3:50

Why is Blue Ivy not in a car seat? An approved car seat is the ONLY safe way for a baby to be in a car!

- Proud Kiwi, Auckland, New Zealand, 18/3/2012 2:54

i want to know if that baby Blue Ivy is riding in a car seat? I’m sure it’s the law in New York state.

- Mz Dee Dee, California, USA, 18/3/2012 2:47

For goodness sake, let her get some Vit. D, stop covering her face.

- Hmmmm, UK, 18/3/2012 2:32

That’s extremely safe no carseat for the baby!!!! Brilliant parenting

- mrs stone, London, 18/3/2012 2:26

She is their daughter. It only stands to reason that EVENTUALLY some photographer is going to get a photo her face. In fact, they’ve actually already released some pictures of Blue Ivy themselves. This warmed-over Michael Jackson act is just tacky.

- Keiko in T.O., Toronto, 18/3/2012 1:58

Don’t care who you are or how rich you are, it is NOT okay to hold the baby instead of putting it in a car seat when in a car. In New York State it is against the law not to have a baby in a car seat.

- Dawn, Scottish Lass, 18/3/2012 1:58

Up until seeing the photographs in this article, I had been thinking what a lovely mother and father this couple made… but seeing this doting mother holding her baby in the car, not impressed! Celebrity status does not automatically protect you or your wee baby in the case of an accident!! Love your child enough to protect her!!

- lala, nz, 18/3/2012 1:39

One question & one remark. Q: Is Beyonce going to wear little accents of blue forever more? and I don’t care about the laws, how far they were travelling and how safe the car/driver is, if that baby is being driven in a car and NOT in a carseat, that is inexcusable!! Red arrows please;)

- Belle, NY, 18/3/2012 0:00

For parents who claim to love their little baby girl so much, Beyonce and Jay-Z are very very stupid!! Yes it IS the law in the US and UK and Europe. And there are plenty of safe options around. And still they insist on taking the most unsafe, STUPID option… holding baby in their arms!!! I should take them to our crash test center where we test our car seats. See the impact on a baby in a collision! That should MAYBE open their eyes to how foolish they are taking such big risks with their much loved baby!!

- Aurora, Faraway, 18/3/2012 11:22

I fear the colour blue is going to feature EVERYWHERE with these two parents! Yawn

- just saying, Uk, 18/3/2012 11:11

5 nannies but the baby has to come with to the restaurant. *Rolls eyes*

- LunaFleur, Germany, 18/3/2012 10:45

Is it real? Never see the “Baby” moving or in any different positions, perhaps the fake pregnancy led to a fake baby? Perhaps they are waiting to adopt a bigger child in a while to cover up?

- viper, uk, 18/3/2012 10:19

Just another lawless bunch who thinks the laws do not apply to them!

- Zcat, GA, 18/3/2012 10:18

All the money in the world but no common sense….Where’s the babies car seat,no matter how much money someone has..SAFETY FIRST !!!

- Mandy, Swansea, 18/3/2012 9:12

She is not in a car seat because it’s a doll. Why do you think it’s face is always covered?

- Susan, 10021, 18/3/2012 8:40

Why do they always cover up that baby when they go out in public, I don’t think it’s normal because when you have a baby you normally want to show how precious they are to the world when your famous or not. Maybe this secret society illuminati scheme is true

- Jasmine, London, 18/3/2012 8:23

somewhat fed up of these two – babies are born everyday, but is there a finale buildup happening before everyone gets a chance to see the baby – because they are who they are, makes them no different from anyone else.

- sky, London, 18/3/2012 7:28

How on earth can she gently care for the baby with such long pointy nails? Bathing, clothing, changing nappies?

- krow, Newcastle upon Tyne, 18/3/2012 7:18

Have you ever seen a prouder papa than Jay Z is? I don’t think he’s stopped smiling since the day that child was born! And yes — Jay Z and Bayonce — if you are thrown in an accident, it’s likely that you will land on your daughter! For the sake of Blue Ivy, get a car seat! It’s more important than having a driver!!!

- Ashley, California, 18/3/2012 7:09

Nobu is NOT the kind of restaurant you take a baby to! It is quite expensive, and no one spending a lot of money for dinner wants to hear a baby wailing. I hate when parents take babies to inappropriate (i.e., expensive and/or trendy restaurants). If you must take you baby out to eat with you, go to a lower-end, kid-friendly chain like Applebees, Olive Garden or Red Lobster. What is the point of briinging Blue to Nobu? She can’t eat the food, and it’s not like they can’t afford a babysitter! And it’s not like Beyonce can’t bear to be away from her baby since she left her at home several times when the baby was less than than a month old…The couple went to a basketball game and another time went out for pizza, and Beyonce also revealed her ‘post-delivery body (yeah, right) at some red-carpet event. This baby has been out of the house an awful lot for one so young.

- Madeleine, Baltimore, Maryland USA, 18/3/2012 6:50

Like a lot of the readers, I am also wondering WHY their child is not in a car seat??? I personally have reported people when I see this.

- gina, USA, 18/3/2012 6:50

She could be carrying a bag of potatoes under that blanket for all we know

- Ash, Scotland, 18/3/2012 6:44

Ugh although I wish the baby health and happiness I cannot stand her parents. I’ll never forget reading an article about a man who missed out on his child’s birth due to Beyone and Jay-Z closing off a floor on the hospital. Get over yourselves! You’re not the Queen!

- Rebecca Murphy, ireland, 18/3/2012 6:42

Blue Ivy was always in the same postion when it was walking and beyonce has never got it out of a blanket?! IS it real!!!

- Zoe, Somewhere, 18/3/2012 5:39

I am disappointed and frankly shocked that no one make a complaint to child protected service over the obvious that the poor baby is not in a car seat and save in the car with her parents!! Maybe cos the parents are worth $500.000 they get a free card over there child safety??

- Rosa, Sweden, 18/3/2012 5:38

Blue Ivy should be in a car seat not in her mother’s arms!

- Betty, France, 18/3/2012 5:04

All the money in the world and No carseat….? Disgusting…

- Mandy, Swansea, 18/3/2012 4:56

How come nobody slams Beyonce for not traveling with her baby in a child restraint seat??! Famous or not, poor form that is.

- k , nz, 18/3/2012 4:50

I’m glad that Beyonce and her baby are doing well, but does there have to be staged paparazzi shots everytime? I find it ironic, that a few years back Beyonce refused to discuss anything about her private life, now all the public see are staged paparazzi shots of her and her baby. I guess anything to still keep in the public eye – or am I just being cynical?!

- Tai, Global baby, 18/3/2012 4:21


I also took it upon myself to post some photos inside the Nobu resturant in NYC.



Chef: Nobu Matsuhisa Cuisine: Japanese, Fusion Neighborhood: Tribeca Price: $100 per person would include appetizers, dessert and plenty of beverages Phone: (212) 219-0500 Address: 105 Hudson Street, New York, NY 10013

Here are some of the foods offered in there menu:  Source :

Halibut Cheeks with Wasabi Pepper Sauce Halibut is typically my favorite fish; I love its juiciness and flaky texture. Although I enjoyed the cheeks, they were not my favorite halibut preparation. The vegetables were a nice accompaniment, but in the scheme of the whole dinner, this dish was average



Black Cod with Miso This cod is another Nobu classic, and was one of the inspirations for Jen’s Miso Marinated Salmon. This fish is buttery, juicy, and each bite just melts in your mouth


Sashimi/Nigiri Toro and yellowtail — the quality of fish was absolutely excellent



Mochi Ice Cream I never fail to get a serving of mochi if it is on the menu. I love the combination of ice cream and the dough


Is it me or do we see any food that a baby can eat? * sips tea* Heck not to mention the environment that a baby can even feel comfortable?


SMH—  Rehabbers either Beyonce lacks any common sense or she is carrying a baby doll!

I just don’t understand for anyone to travel in a car with a newborn baby with no car seat. Beyonce truly is dumb. I can understand some of her actions from shielding this baby from the public. However not to the point to put this baby’s life in danger! There is no rational reason to drag a newborn baby out to  RESTURANT! What for?  It is not like they can’t afford a baby sitter nor the baby can eat ANY OF THE FOOD AT THE RESTURANT! Heck not even that they know very well the paparazzi will follow them. So why risk it?  Oh I forgot—-Blue Ivy is a photo op to save what is left of her career.

It just appears to me that all these photos are staged and Beyonce is posing in every single photo I see with her and Blue Ivy. I feel so sorry for this baby—I truly do!

I still stand by my comments from previous post. Beyonce is dragging this baby out like a puppy to gain sympathy from the public. There is no reason to drag a newborn baby out with you for no good reason. Then to cover up this child 99% of the time—-seriously? Beyonce you already releases photos of her! So why all of the shielding? UNLESS IT IS NOT THE REAL BABY! *side eye*

Beyonce and Jay z let me school you on what can happen to a baby who is strap in a Baby Bjorn NOT in a car seat!



Your thoughts?

~Real Fedup