WTF Files: Beyonce L’Oreal Ad— Misunderstood or Self Hate?




I want to apologize for my lack of threads this week. I’ve been so busy. But I had to stop by and jump on to give my two cents on the latest nonsense Beyonce and Jay z.

When I first heard about this tea, I couldn’t help but to think, “Why is Beyonce just jumping right back in promoting not barley a week after her (surrogate’s) baby is born”? Let me guess—-another video promo done MONTHS in advance to fool the public again.

But then I had to step back to realize, this is Beyonce who loves being the center of attention. She couldn’t wait to pimp herself out yet again to make some money and toss her integrity on the side.

Before I start to go off, here are the videos that stirred up such controversy around the blogs. *rolls eyes*



Here is Sandra Rose :

 Will Beyonce EVER Stop Lying?

If you thought Beyonce was going to give us a break after having that baby, you thought wrong.Beyonce was recently tapped to appear in L’Oreal’s “Find Your True Match” makeup commercial.

“Today was all about being honest,” says one of the most dishonest celebrity’s in entertainment history. “There’s a story behind my skin; it’s a Mosaic of all the faces before it,” she says as the words ‘African American, Native American and French’ appear on the screen.

In the ad, Beyonce pretends to be mixed with Black, Indian and French — and the L’Oreal marketing people fell for her blatant lies! If Beyonce had any French or Indian in her why would would she need a walk-in closet full of custom made lacefronts?

True Match™ Super-Blendable Makeup shades are now cleaner, truer and even more natural. With the new patented color technology, True Match Makeup precisely matches your skin’s tone and texture. With 9 NEW & 5 improved shades, True Match is the first complete makeup collection to precisely match your skin’s tone and texture. 33 Shades organized into our exclusive warm, neutral and cool collections for your truest match!




Here is article from Huffington Post, days before this recent scandel:

 Beyonce Accused Of Skin Lightening In New Album Promo Ad (PHOTOS)

Is that you Beyonce?

The Grammy award-winning singer who just gave birth to Baby Blue is being slammed for looking too snow white in her new promo ad.

In the photo, which is being used to re-promote her album “4,” Beyonce is pictured lying across a leopard print couch, flaunting her enviable figure (shot pre-pregnancy. Thank goodness!) in a crochet bodysuit and appearing much lighter than her normal skin tone.

In recent months photoshopped ads and magazine covers have come under fire for their blatant misrepresentation of reality. But Beyonce’s photoshop fail isn’t just skin deep. Hiding blemishes (and hips) is one thing, but changing the color of a model’s skin is another.

White-washing scandals aren’t new for the 30-year-old superstar. In 2008 L’Oreal was accused of digitally lightening Beyonce’s skin in a Feria hair color ad.

The New York Post called it “shocking” and there were countless blog posts swagging their finger at Beyonce for not representing her African-American ethnicity.

But Beyonce’s fairer skin and honey blonde hair are ideal for companies looking to appeal to a wider audience. Though she is a black woman–white women can also identify with her.

Colorism is unfortunately still an issue today. Dark skin is considered less than light skin in the in the minds of many in our community and in the media,” Bill Duke and D. Channsin Berry, co-directors and co-producers of the documentary “Dark Girls,” recently told The Grio.

But is this a case of digital skin lightening or simply a lighting issue? We hope it’s the latter. Check out this collection of Beyonce ads and album covers from over the years. Is she a cameleon or keeping it real?


Here is also a past photo ad for Loreal in 2008:



First of all, I am a black woman who is also has the same skin complexion as Beyonce.

But I’ve never sit down to deny who I am to please “other folks” to get ahead. I am disgusted in the manner Beyonce has handled herself with L’Oreal.  I would never sell out my own race for quick cash nor pretend to “hype” up other nationalities to make myself appealing for someone else.

If this is not a wake up call for the black community to stop supporting Beyonce’s foolishness, I don’t know what else I can  do to show you the proof.

After all the scandals and speculations on Beyonce’s skin being altered for magazine covers and ads from L’Oreal for YEARS, you mean to tell me Beyonce still have NOT spoke out on this foolishness? Instead she sits back and co signs on the f*ckery—-anything for a quick cash $$$$ huh…BEYONCE!?!

I am all for people to embrace ALL of there ethnic heritage. However, I can sit down and say majority of African Americans in this country are mixed with WHITE too—-but you don’t see majority of black people running around stating they are Caucasian, African, and other ethnic cultures that makes up this country!

Since when Beyonce was ever Indian or French? *blink blink* I thought this woman run around screaming she is CREOLE!

So where did Indian come from?

I can understand French as an element that bridges to creole. You can see the proof of it in Haiti. But—INDIAN?    The only thing Indian in Beyonce is that REMY LACEWIG SHE SLAPPED ON HER HEAD!

I’ve never heard her sister Solange come out with these stupid comments. Solange has embraced who she is much more then her own sister. I will give Solange much more credit for embracing her NATURAL HAIR and not being ashamed to be who she is. She is not like her sister who will continue to slap on blond wigs and scream she is every ethnicity in the book but BLACK. The same Beyonce who stated in a past interview— she wish she was born Latina!

Solange my dear—-please have a heart to heart with your sister on this. What she is doing is wrong! Why is she trying so hard to not look like a black woman & denying who she is?

Beyonce had the power to influence the media to stop feeding into the stereotypes for black women. Why isn’t there more dark skin African American women on the cover of magazines or L’Oreal commercials? But instead Beyonce sits down and chooses never to SPEAK UP and allowed these people to continue to “white wash” her complexion as if it is normal!

Beyonce back in the day:

Beyonce & Solange

Beyonce was the typical “light skin black girl” everyone knew around the block! Where was this “exotic” heritage back then? *sips tea*

If you ask me, Beyonce is ashamed to be associated as a black woman in the media. She only mentions she is black when she wants to appeal to urban communities to buy her ish!

She does everything in her image to make it look like she is “exotic”, instead of embracing she is a black girl from HOUSTON, TEXAS!

Her father and mother are black. Tina comes from a family with creole decent, which is still BLACK.

Everything in Beyonce’s behavior scream self hate. It seems as if Beyonce is willing to do anything or say anything to appeal to white media, without taking into consideration the “self hate” she is promoting to young black girls.

What kind of message is Beyonce sending to black women?

  • It’s okay for a magazine to make you 10 x lighter shade then you are.
  • It’s okay to state you are mixed with all other nationalities and act as if being black was your last option.
  • It’s okay to sit back and NEVER comment on the images of her skin color being changed & associate with the company who co signed on the foolishness.
  • It’s okay to pretend as if you “secretly” want to appeal to be a white mainstream media ( i.e.: blond wigs that is worn her entire career) to make your image appeal to “white audience”.

AGAIN—– What kind of message is Beyonce sending? This is not a woman who is being misunderstood or being pick on! This issue has come up several times. And it seems every time this happens, there is NO comment from Beyonce to address this!

We can see her actions speak louder than her words. Beyonce is ashamed to be associated as a black woman.

She rather state she is Asian, Latin, French, Irish, Dutch, Indian, Cantonese, South Korean, Brazilian, Eskimo, Japanese, Canadian, heck an Australian horsefly—lmao then to simply say.. “I AM A BLACK WOMAN”. Is it so  dam hard to say Beyonce? *blink blink*

She will allow a magazine, L’Oreal, and countless other companies make her into an image that she is not! She will sit back and not say a word while collecting her paycheck. Again, why any woman of color should support this woman?

Poor Blue Ivy, she will grow up to continue the cycle of self hate. SMH….Beyonce you should be ashamed to co sign to this!

Do you think Beyonce is being misunderstood or she is promoting self hate with her images? 

Your thoughts?

~Real Fedup