Bey Shows Up For Mama’s Big Day, But Where Is The Rest Of The Fams?


I don’t care how much I dislike Bey. One thing is clear: she loves her mother and her mother loves her. Then again, I guess it’s easy to be so loving when your mother acts like you’re the only child she ever had. Case in point, Tina Knowles was honored for reasons that are inexplicable since her work is not quality whatsoever at The Univ. of Houston’s Friends of Women’s Studies Living Archives. I get that Tina is a native of Texas as is Beyoncé and they rep hard. But couldn’t they have just given a quick shout out and then move on? Should she really be in the hall of fame of great women who come from Texas? Really.

Of course, when Beyoncé came word got out that she was there. and frenzy ensued by “hundred” of students. Instead of letting her mother truly have her non-deserving moment, it became all about her and she tried to act surprised that on Tweet would bring the ignorant masses to her alter of evil. The least she could have done was stay on the sidelines and out of sight.

But where was Solange? And if she was there why wasn’t she mentioned in this piece? What kind of reporter is this?

Here is what Tina’s interviewer/stan in the making had to say.

Talk about surprises. Beyonce made a surprise appearance during my interview with Miss Tina Knowles for theUniversity of Houston’s Friends of Women’s Studies Living Archives program. Miss Tina, a Galveston native, is being honored for her accomplishments as a mother, a businesswoman (with her own salon and now fashion line) and philanthropist.

I showed up about 9 a.m. to be styled my Miss Tina’s assistant Amber, who put me in a fantastic purple wrap dress from the Miss Tina’s for Wal-Mart line. Only just a few minutes before the program’s start did I learn her super-star daughter was coming. (Obviously, they wanted to keep it hush hush.)  I was already nervous, but knowing Beyonce would be sitting near the front row watching me interview her mom, sort upped the nervous factor.

Miss Tina (as she prefers to be called) was a gracious interview and made my job easy. Beyonce, who sat near other family members, was just as kind. Every time I glanced at B (that’s what they call her), she smiled at me. In the back room,  mannequins displayed some of Beyonce’s most recognizable red-carpet gowns, which Miss Tina designed.  She talked about her life growing up in Galveston, growing her business as a hairstylist and then a costume designer and stylist for Destiny’s Child.

Then the students came. Hundreds of them (who likely got word that B was on campus) piled into UH’s M.D. Anderson Library and began chanting, “Beyonce! Beyonce!” It even interrupted the interview for a few minutes. Beyonce, who is pregnant with her first child, was wearing 5-inch heels with ease. She made a quick stop in the lobby to wave to the students: “Wow, this is crazy how fast that happens,” she said to me. “Just one tweet.”

  1.  If it were me and I was being honoured for an award and was trying to pimp my line, why not graciously style the interview/pimpee myself. Why not me, since I am so talented and know a thing or two about hair since I own a “fabulous” salon and a fashion house (you know, what I’m being awarded for). Okay, I get why she chose the Wal-Mart line to wear, but  Tina could have styled the lady herself the way designers personally do it for someone who is presenting them with a special mention. 
  2. Miss Tina didn’t make her job easy, she made it easy for Tina because I bet you Bey’s vacation weave that she didn’t ask her anything challenging. So come the heck off of it. 
  3. Again, Bey could have let her mother shine instead of reminding her that the only reason why she is getting said award is because Miss Tina and Ratty sold their child to the industry. Better yet, maybe this is Bey’s small way to stick it to her parents, stealing the shine that they forced upon her so they could bask in it. 
  4. But seriously, what annoyed me is Bey’s fake astonishment that her ignorant masses will show up to get a precious peep at their idols bunion.  So maybe all that love I mentioned in the beginning is a bit tainited.
  5. Finally, this interviewer put up that one picture of Beyoncé, but not pictures of Tina, who the day was about. She could have explained with some detail about what her subject talked about instead of fawning over the fact that dumb arse Bey is trying to be Kate Hudson and Vicky Beckham wearing 5 inch heels; like that is something that no pregnant woman has done before. 

I just can’t.