Sad/Interesting Tea: Cathy Koreana White Passed Away UPDATE II



Well, I got some confirmation on something things regarding Cathy. It was a little frustrating because she uses a few different names but when I first started searching I used Koreana, because that’s what Jacky had called her, though on her business (?) Twitter account she used Cathy Michelle White and not Koreana as a middle name.

So let’s start from the beginning of these new revelations. Yesterday, while on DSHK checking for updates, I looked up the comments.  Someone from LSA had posted the same information about her being from Norfolk, VA and having no family. But a little more was revealed.

anon Reply:
September 2nd, 2011 at 18:29

I was her roomy in college…she doesn’t have family..her older boyfriend basically took care of her…she was a real woman..taught me a lot! RIP CATHY

anon 2 Reply:
September 3rd, 2011 at 06:04

Where was Cathy White born, raised? And WHY wouldn’t she have family?

September 3rd, 2011 at 08:07

she was raised in Norfolk, VA Went to Maury She has family I know them SMH!

anon Reply:
September 3rd, 2011 at 20:36

Maybe family to bury her, God Bless, but my point is that her mother and father didn’t raise her..and yes, she wanted Jay long before Beyonce was in the pic..and everything she set out to do in life she did it..hustler/ entrepreneur whateva you want to call it,she was about her business!Not a STAN but the truth sets u free!

That was all very interesting. I have some connections from VA Beach and Newport News, VA and was trying to see if anybody knew of someone from the Norfolk/VA Beach area that new of biracial family consisting of  Korean and African-American mix. It’s not really common down there I was told unless maybe the family was an older military couple. Nothing came of that but I decided to check LSA again (the last time I was on there the thread was 24 pages but yesterday it was at 35) and a lot of people were saying some of the same things I said on Friday. Who was she? Where did she come from? Only that one poster had come forth to say Kori was her roommate in college and that she had no family.  And someone on the original Bossip had said that she had been saying that Kori was Jay’s mistress for years on the site but that no one would listen (and this was supposedly before the Jacky bust of last year). Then this nugget appeared.

So I typed in Koreana, and found a girl named Koreana Hun.Why do Cathy White and Koreana Hun look just alike?? Did she model?? Somebody please confirm if these are 2 different women.


Click the image to open in full size.

To be fair and for full disclosure, I typed Kori’s name in Google on Friday and I saw the link that said Koreana Hun, but I did not click on it for some reason (bad sleuthing skills that day). I guess I was looking for White to be the surname. But as any good journalist knows, you always check the most unobvious info! Duh. But on the IMDB page she had three very minor credits under belt between 2007-10.

I didn’t see a picture but there but there was this:

Koreana Hun was born on July 3, 1985 in New Orleans, Louisiana to a Korean mother, Yi Hun and an African-American father Eric White, a former U.S. army private. She grew up in Virginia Beach, Virginia where she gained the experiences that propelled her to be an actress.

After completing film studies at Howard University, in Washington D.C., Koreana relocated to California in 2006 and began pursuing her acting career. She has enjoyed success in both film and television.

Koreana is also a successful model, screen-writer, and a talented singer, and song writer.

Bossip and other sites did not mention any of this. in their profile, nor did they mention the fact that she was an actress or at least trying to be an actress. Instead they talked about her being the CEO of some PR company that NO ONE has even heard of and cannot find on the web. As stated Kathy had deleted the majority of her social networking accounts, but according to a few people her personal twitter account (I guess she had a made another one after taking it down the first time) was deleted a few days before her death. 

Aside from the fact that she wasn’t 28 as reported but 27,  someone else also pointed out the ring she wears in this picture looks similar to Bey’s wedding ring. Interesting if you think about all that’s being said here.

Click the image to open in full size.

But then came the MOST interesting tea from the PANACHE REPORT:

On Friday, it was reported via urban blogs that Cathy “Kori” White (a publicist) had died of a brain aneurysm. She was 28.

Kori was allegedly linked to Jay-Z and several other rich men. She once boasted that she wouldn’t date a man unless he had $50 million in the bank. Rumors continue to circulate that she was active on the overseas “sponsor-benefactor” circuit.

Oddly, when we initially received word of her death, the cause of death was reported as: “Blunt Force Trauma To The Head (outside injury).”

Later, the cause of death was reported as an brain aneurysm.

In Related News: This is the fourth publicist to die under mysterious circumstances. Ronni Chasen was murdered in Beverly Hills. A black publicist affiliated with Lil Kim was thrown off an rooftop to her death and a black publicist/stylist died of blunt force trauma to the head a few years ago.

I am not sure if this last “revelation” is true but as you can see the wheels keep on spinning and they are spinning hard Rehabbers. The problem with trying to brains wash and desensitize a nation is that somewhere in the midst of doing so, there are always a few people who will resist. Peo0ple like Jacky ought to be careful but I appreciate whoever is willing to expose these frauds.

I will definitely try to have another update as soon as I confirm a few more things. But just so you know that my sources are reliable, I mentioned to you that my LA/NYC friend alluded to some of the rumours he had heard about Kori before some of this stuff came out or before I came across any of it for myself. This is a very sensitive subject and I want to make sure that what I say that is hearsay is not just off the top of someone’s head.



Jacky Jasper of DHSK, has done a little digging regarding Cathy’s death This was the information as of 5PM Pacific time 9/02/11:

HSK Exclusive - HSK was the first to reveal that 28 year old Cathy White was Jay Z’s mistress. Don’t believe me? Ask Claudia Jordan.

Yesterday, I got the news that Cathy Michelle White had suddenly passed away, so I quickly began my investigation and guess what? Cathy did not die from a brain aneurysm as reported widely around the internet today. According to an NYPD detective who told me, “Cathy’s cause of death is uncertain” and, “later today we will have the autopsy and toxicology reports”. Right now the death is considered. suspicious.

Cathy White died exactly ONE YEAR to the day from when I broke the story of her and Jay Z’s affair.

Here’s exactly what the NYPD told me:

“A 911 call came in from an apartment on 130 West 19 street in Manhattan. Ambulance came and took Cathy because she was sick. They took her to the Beth Israel hospital and that’s where she expired.

It’s was to early to be speculating that an aneurism killed her. They will be doing an autopsy later today to check out her cause of death. But someone might have given Cathy a bad drug so they’ll do a toxicology and we’ll have to wait two weeks for that report.”

Wait there’s more!!!

Two weeks prior to her death Cathy was contacted by a major tabloid that was investigating the Jay Z connection. She gave them little information to go on – but according to one of our sources, following her conversation with the tabloid, she called Jay and told him that she was going to go public with their affair (for a price). This all happened in the last two weeks.

Then little more than 48 hours after the announcement that Beyonce was pregnant with Jay Z’s baby this young lady suddenly dies under suspicious circumstances.

Was Cathy trying to extort Jay Z? I don’t know, but if Jay Z and Cathy had a phone conversation the cops will be talking to him. Know why? Because Cathy’s death is going to be investigated mane.

Here’s what a close friend of Jay Z said:

“Are you kidding me? Jay wouldn’t throw his life away for a prostitute. Beyonce knows Jay fucks around everybody knows. if Cathy was going to expose Jay no one will believe her.

Jay got too much to lose the baby coming and all. Take Jay’s name out of your conspiracy theories.”

I’ll keep you posted and give you the report of Cathy White’s autopsy as soon as I get my hands on it

Jacky then reported that the detective said she died of natural causes (however Jacky did not say the source confirmed it was a brain aneurysm).

Now here is what I find interesting about this whole thing and why I smell a cover up or at the very least something fishy:

  1. Kori’s cause of death WAS made extra prematurely before any autopsy report came out and it was labeled as FACT. Bossip reported this news first (and I believe they have sold out anyway so I don’t believe everything they say) and said she died from an aneurysm adding allegedly too it because truthfully,  we won’t really know that answer for a couple of weeks.  So who put that story out there and why? I think the answer to that is pretty obvious: to eliminate foul play as early as possible. Whether or not this girl was Jay’s mistress or mot doesn’t matter. She knew him and was affiliated with him and she was involved with the industry. Who know what she knew or what someone thought she knew that could be potentially harmful to one of the puppets.
  2. Then comes the attempts to paint her as shady, Jay’s “friend” claiming that she was a prostitute or a call girl of some sort that even Ms. Claudia Jordan herself (even though I don’t believe most of the things she says) was a lie. By making Kori seem like a gold digging tramp out for a easy pay check the public loses sympathy for her and she becomes another young dumb “ho” that got what she deserved.
No thank you! Do I believe there was a possibility that she was Jay’s mistress for a over a few years Yes. This girl was a college educated sister with her own company. She was independent, it seems, no matter who she was getting it on with, and was beautiful. Now I’m not saying that Jay is intelligent but I think he’s a hell of a lot smarter than Beyonce, and I absolutely believe these two have nothing they can talk about on an intellectual level. So  yes,  I believe he was keeping Kori as a side piece for intellectual as well physical stimulation. Why not? This happens all the time in these Hollywood marriages based on business.  But do I believe that she was a prostitute? Absolutely not.

Then, on Lipstick Alley, I found these two entries very interesting:

I was her roomy in college…she doesn’t have family..her older boyfriend basically took care of her…she was a real woman..taught me a lot! RIP CATHY
bot to break the stans heart but most of what jacky wrote is true. i used to kick it with kori claudia and nikki.kori was in love with jay, they had been messing around for years that i knew of. somethings jacky misses the point but the underlying is 100

Now according to my source, he stated that he believed her family to be from the south and that they may have been estranged. I don’t know for sure, but but it seems that the first quote is what people who knew of Kori back in the day are saying is true. I will investigate this further because this whole case is interesting to me.

All I know is, is if this wasn’t a natural case of death and there is foul play, whoever is running this show most likely thought this would not be a big deal to cover up. But with Beyonce rubbing her belly at every moment she gets and bringing even more attention to herself, their plan may just backfire. Kori White’s name is on the lips of plenty of people right now and some of the blogs that are more mainstream will most likely get into this at one point.

This whole thing is just sad.


Cathy Koreana “Kori” White, 28, a popular name in the urban blogs as alleged mistress of Jay-Z and frenemy of dramamaker ex-Price is Right model Claudia Jordan, has died reportedly of an aneurysm. Fitness trainer Jeanette Jenkins (Queen Latifah’s main squeeze) retweeted the message from director/producer Darren Capik (does a lot of fitness videos and directed 2009 season of So You Think You Can Dance) who it seems was one of the first if not the first to tweet about her death yesterday, I would say in the early afternoon LA time. It seems Cathy had quite a network of B through Z list names who thought the world of her. But then that’s how it always is after passing. Everyone loves and you never did any wrong (and you’ll see what I mean in a few).  Julissa of 106 & Park fame, make-up artist Joanna Simkin, and it looks like some other people who are in or around the business indirectly, tweeted about her passing around the same time. Thanks to Twitter, her social circle found out pretty quickly it seems.

So who is Cathy AKA Kori White and what relevance does she have to our little blogospere? She’s been covered on here before, but let’s refresh our memories shall we?

We first heard of the name Cathy exactly one year ago as of Aug. 31 from Jacky Jasper of the Diary of a Hollywood Street King blog and in conjunction with Lipstick Alley where the tea over their is always brewing. Both sites had people clinking their spoons in full when he claimed that Jay-Z had been stepping out on “da hottest chick in the game” with Kori, who was a friend of Claudia Jordan and seemingly a quasi professional something in her own right. I only say this because I have searched in the past and present from info on her company and ot once could I find anything about the PR firm. No website, or listing in the NYC or LA WhitePages. I was able to get in contact with someone I know today to see if the knew anything since they are LA/NYC based and move in those circles and he said her business was in name only and that her real  profession like many of LA’s lost souls was an altogether different than what was being said. This is not to imply that she was a call girl or anything; at least not from my source but rather that she, like most young girls with pretty faces and bodies in that town, use it to get in where they fit in LA/NYC and that’s just reality. He also said from what he knew of her, she didn’t have any enemies aside from a few jealous haters who pretended to be her friend and then sold her out as soon as they could. She was smart and well put together, and she did have her own money, but was not above spending someone else’s. Jacky had a whole different story…

HSK Exclusive - Some shocking finds have led to HSK exclusively uncovering infidelity between a once thought to be happy powerhouse couple, at the hands of Hova.

That’s right HSK has exclusively learned that Jay Z has been smashing a woman behind Beyonce’s back for longer than Jay & Beyonce have even been married. What’s not so shocking is the fact that the woman who’s been sleeping with Jay is a close friendof known home wrecker, Claudia Jordan.

We first told you about Claudia Jordan’s frolicking with taken men earlier this year. Now, the saying ‘birds of a feather flock together’ holds true…in this case those birds are Cathy “Koreana” White (known to her close friends as ‘Kori’) and Claudia Jordan. 

Sources tell us they first learned of Kori’s affair with Jay Z from her good friend, Jason Lee. We have since confirmed this report with several close associates of Hova. We’re told Jay Z is a good catch for Kori, since she’s openly admitted to only mess with “super rich guys” and that unless a man has a net worth of at least $50 million, she won’t pay him any attention.

Last September, Kori and Claudia were spotted at Las Vega’s Tao nightclub, sitting at a table with Jay Z and Puffy (Beyonce was nowhere to be seen). We’re told the entourage was there to see the boxing match between Floyd Mayweather and Jauna Manuel Marquez.

Additional details about the affair remain sketchy, but here’s what we can tell you about the woman at the center of this expose. Though Kori and Claudia seem to be tight, Claudia doesn’t seem to always uphold their relationship.

We’re told Claudia often runs Kori’s name to the ground, telling that her so-called girlfriend has a $100,000 dollars worth of bags and $200,000 worth of shoes, yet lives in a messy one bedroom apartment filled with scattered clothing. Plus, Kori’s relations with Jay Z seem to be rubbing Claudia the wrong way and sparking a bit of envy in the disgraced “Price is Right” model. That’s because she’s been heard mentioning that she has no idea how Kori pulls wealthier ballers then she does – but despite Claudia’s trash-talking, Koreana bought Claudia the most expensive birthday gift she’s received this year…a $3K Louis Vuitton bag.

(originally published August 30, 2010)


People were skeptical but pictures did surface of both Claudia and Kori being in  Jay and Puff’s orbit at Tao as Jacky had reported right down to the time and place. And he had this to say about it:

Insiders say Jay requested Kori bring a few friends to ride with them that evening in order for them not to appear as a couple. During their time in Vegas, Jay also took Kori gambling at the Bellagio casino…that’s where Jay was again reportedly adamant about Kori’s friends circling the pair during their time at the table, in an attempt to cover their public appearances.


Photo source of all photos: Diary of A Hollywood Street King

Then Jacky exposed some more information. Allegedly Kori’s business was getting put out there by a guy name Jason Lee who was connected to Claudia and Jacky cited him as the tea spiller for the little gems. And pretty much as soon as all of this came out Jacky mentioned that Kori had deleted her Twitter and face book pages (although her Twitter account is back up but private). 

After all of that we don’t still don’t know much about this woman. What we do know, we get from places like Lipstick Alley. But Bossip was the only place that even had a small blurb about her life. We think she is partially Asian but we know she went to Howard University, was an “expert” in beauty and healthy and that she called herself a publicist. To be fair, the majority of friends on twitter were in all three of those industries and so these claims are not coming out of thin air.

And then on an LA thread that has blown up since yesterday, the conspiracies started. Even last year when all the rumours came out, a poster had said somewhat jokingly that Jay-Z seemed like the kind of person who will kill you if ratted him out. And even “creepier” was that her death came exactly a year after all this drama came out. I’m not going to sit here speculate on what’s what, but I do find it all to neatly tied up. Eerily so. But unfortunately, we may never know the real truth because the public didn’t know her. Unlike, a lot of the Hollywood bimbos,  whatever business she’s done it’s all be done within the inner goings of LA. She wasn’t, it seems,  putting herself out their for fame trying to sell her secrets. No one really knows about this girl outside of the behind the-scenes industry folk and nothing is really being said, except now everyone is coming to her defense when last year, you could hear a pin drop, especially from Claudia Jordan. Someone even mentioned on LA that if she died from an aneurysm why hadn’t anyone mentioned that in the first place during their RIPs to help raise awareness? Bossip had to ask White’s followers what the deal was.  So we can assume that even if she was just another chick who couldn’t careless about being with a married man, we can also make the assumption that she wasn’t putting her business on front street. And the truth is that this news is not so much as shocking as it is “creepy”, because many people within the urban blog community said this would happen at some point. Again this is all speculation, but my point to this post has a bit of a deeper meaning.

It’s always sad when someone dies, but I am a firm believer of not being a hypocrite. If I thought you were hot mess when you were alive, you’ll still be that same hot mess once you go on to rest or whatever. And if you’ve been in a beef with someone-no matter the situation-and you’ve just recently cleared up the issue, as it’s claimed, then I think it’s tacky to act as if you are her number one champion when mess has come out about them. Mess that has been alleged that you and/or your friends started. I think that’s what really upset me about Claudia’s tweeting. I didn’t know about the relationships with other friends so I can’t comment on their tweets, but I can say that this to me had me rolling my eyes because of what has been said about Claudia and Cathy’s relationship:

Photo Source: vitaluv05

Now that she has passed away everyone is coming out of the wood works to say she’s wasn’t a whore, or Jay’s mistress or a call girl, but that she was a perfect angel, which that in and of itself is a lie, because no one is perfect or an angel. And I hate when people use those adjectives in relation to human beings dead or alive. I don’t believe everything I read on the blogs, but I will say that for someone like Jacky to put his face and name to his blog and call out people about their mess and not fear public law suit means that a good portion of his sources are reliable and he can back up what he says with some type of proof. I’m not saying that this is always true, but this my own personal opinion based on common sense. And if I were Claudia and someone was a good friend of mine and someone was talking smack about them and saying that me and my friends were backbiting, I WOULD take legal action because I am “public” figure and her business and name could be put in jeopardy.. Jack says she emailed me him last year when he broke the story and he called her crazy, but he never mentioned a lawsuit, and I have not heard that he has been sued as of yet. So the question is where was all this denial and love when it alll came out and why did it take them a week shy of a year to reconnect? I’m just saying.

She looked to be a beautiful girl, and seemed to have an active social life as well as everything going for her, and it’s sad that she died. It never seems right for someone to die so young no matter what goes on in their lives.  A lot of the tweets spoke about life being short and making amends. And that is true. I am twenty-seven and I never thought about death until my mother passed away and then when I had my children, it all really hit home. Our time is limited as it is and anything can make it shorter. I am guilty of letting a lot of missed opportunities pass me by whether it’s forgiving a friend or asking forgiveness or maybe spending my free time in a more conducive way,  but I think it was put best by one of Kori’s friends who said to give people roses when they can smell them and not when they can’t. And to me that is real lesson of today. Her comment said it all to me and I have a feeling that tweet was meant for a WHOLE LOT OF PEOPLE.