Tea Time Roast: Are Beyonce Lies Being Exposed?




And so the plot thickens……

It seemed there are many people who don’t believe the blatant  tacky stunt Beyonce pulled on last night’s VMAs.

Here is the million dollar question:  Is she really pregnant or not? Fake baby bump—-or not?

I am not only puzzled on the tacky way she announced her pregnancy to the world; but I am also suspect on how Beyonce’s belly is popping up like she is 4 to 5 months in 10 days! How can that be? *blink blink*

I know in a moment like this everyone should wish her well—fan or not. But something in this situation is very  FISHY! Her behavior is ODD to say the least. Is the fact that 4lop is doing so bad, that she is reaching for straws to regain some hope of shine in her fading spotlight?

I didn’t like the fact she was pimping this at an award show. A show that was suppose to be the tribute to Britney Spears and Amy Winehouse! Why would Beyonce deliberately do such a selfish–self centered act to announce a baby? The same woman who prides herself of being private with her marriage—and above all the celebrity’s gossip fame for the magazines.

I just don’t understand for Beyonce preaching to the world how she is private and how she doesn’t discuss her relationship with her husband Jay z. To now her proud public announcement she is pregnant—–on MTV’s VMAs! I just think it is a desperate move on her part and frankly downright foolish if she is really pregnant! Doesn’t she know paparazzi will hunt her down worse than Princess Diana?

If she is REALLY pregnant, her job was to:

1. Protect this unborn child, at least until she is into her final months.

2. Learn from other celebs—-Mariah, Alicia, Fantasia, Jennifer Hudson, and so on. Don’t pimp out your pregnancy so publicly for the safety of that unborn child.

It seemed I am not the only one who is calling this move tacky and pathetic—and SUSPECT!



Here is the tea from Sandra Rose :

BeYawnce Displays Fake Baby Bump on MTV VMAs


In my 19 years in the music industry, I’ve seen narcissistic celebrities go to absurd lengths to grab headlines. But Beyoncé really took the cake tonight at the MTV Video Music Awards when she showed up on the red carpet with what was obviously a fake baby bump.

Beyoncé made sure she was going to upstage every celebrity at the awards show even before the show began, by announcing her pregnancy — a pregnancy that no one saw coming even though she has not left the public eye in months.

I find it necessary to remind my readers that Beyoncé was just onstage 10 days ago in New York with NO visible baby bump!

Now all of a sudden — 10 days later — she shows up at the VMA’s with a swollen belly looking like she’s 6 months pregnant? LOL! I can’t stop laughing!

And of course the gullible Beyoncé Stans fell for the lie just as easily as they fall for all the crap that Beyoncé and her camp shovels their way. Well, we’re not fooled because we know that a pregnant woman doesn’t go from 0 to 6 months in less than 10 days!

Beyoncé may very well be pregnant — and if she is, congrats to her and Jay Z — but that baby bump she was holding all night like a basketball was as fake as a $100 dollar bill with Barack Obama’s face on it!

Wow. Who knew Beyoncé could stoop so low just for attention?

Ouch!!! Sandra tell the truth—–something in the water is not clean one bit with this!

Update: More tea….. from dlisted.com

Beyonce Says It All With A STUNT QUEEN Pose


Announcing you’ve got a womb full of baby on the cover of People Magazine or in a Tweet is way too simple and bougie for Beyonce. Bitch always likes to do things get extra. And so at the MTV VMAs tonight, Beyonce swept in wearing a curtain from LaQuinta Inn and dramatically said it all by framing her holy baby cocoon. The sky opened up, everybody fell to their knees, Solange let out a holler from the basement that sounded like angels burping in unison and Three Kings rode in on Jay-Z. It was like the pre-show for the second coming. Or maybe none of that happened and everybody just looked at Beyonce like, “Bitch, why are you posing like my fat uncle after Thanksgiving dinner when he wants to show everyone how much crap he ate?”

People says that Beyonce cradled her bump (that’s not even bigger than my gut when I try to suck in during lights-on fuck time) and said that “she’s got a surprise.” Beyonce’s rep also confirmed that the seed of Jay-Z is alive and well in Beyonce’s Womb of Derriere.

Beyonce announcing it like a true STUNT QUEEN is just hilarious. Beyonce knew that everybody would lose their shit, shove it back up their asses and lose it again if she just coyly held it like that. I’m surprised a chorus of angel cherubs carrying adorable bundles of wigs with lips on them weren’t dancing around her. That being said, let’s all hail Beysus Jayssiah Oprah Carter Knowles (that’s totally what she’s going to name it).

More from Sandra Rose …..

Pictures Speak Louder Than Words

I realize that some of you are incurable Beyonce Stans, and as such, your Stan worship can cloud your judgment. So I prepared this graphic to help you see how ridiculous it is that Beyonce expects us to believe she grew a baby bump in just 10 days! The pictures don’t lie.

Even if she is pregnant, why would she upstage all the other celebrities at the MTV Video Music Awards last night when she could have simply made the announcement during one of her 4 concerts 2 weeks ago?

I feel sorry for her spawn if she is pregnant. The baby has an attention whore for a mother and a camel for a dad.

LMAO—People are having a field day with this!!!

Your thoughts?

~Real Fedup