Mystery Solved: Beyonce’s Real Hair….




This is Jay z, Beyonce, and Alex Turner

Source: Exculsive Pic Beyonce


If you are having doubt that is her, remember these old photos.


I stumbled on this exculsive photo of  Beyonce & Jay-z at the Glastonbury event watching Paolo Nutini’s performance. Paolo Nutini posted this photo up from his iphone.

Hmm– so I’ve finally get to see this mystery solved! I wondered what was under Beyonce’s wig. I was beginning to think Beyonce was getting bald like Naomi Campbell.  Why doesn’t  Beyonce let her own hairout time to time? She needs to seek advice from her sister Solange.

So stans— keep that noise down about her not wearing a weave! This is proof she rocks wigs/weaves all the time to protect her mane. Poor horses—- you better run. lol

You guys really didn’t think the “blond straw hay hairdo” was REAL right?  *file nails*

Rehabbers,  finally we solved this case once and for all. CASE CLOSED!

Your thoughts?