>Beyonce Covers French Magazine Cover in June 2010



Destiny’s Rehabbers why oh why can’t we all be Beyonce free for a year or two? It seems she won’t go away even when her recent album is old as cottage cheese and her claiming to the world she is on a “break”. If she is on a so called break, why does she constantly keep pop in up everywhere! She does this crap everytime….this is not a break! A break means to disappear and do not show your face anywhere! Let people miss you Beyonce!
She happen to hog—I mean be place *rolls eyes* ( you know I am sticking to my original word HOG) the magazine cover of BE magazine in France. Can we say they photoshop the hell out of her thighs?
Destiny’s Rehabbers any thoughts?
  • http://hateherzanonymous.blogspot.com Tonja

    >Gorgeous pic, but that's to be expected of Beyodel. My question is, A JUNE ISSUE AND IT ISN'T EVEN MAY YET? WHAT?! Lol. And yes, they photoshopped her as they do everyone else. (though this could be the angle of the shot and her legs scrunched together as well as photoshop) Magazines off unrealistic expectation of women. Magazines in the 80s didn't have the benefit of photoshop; I respected mag covers much better way back when. Have you all seen the ad with Kimora Lee Simmons? Where they photoshopped her right down to the bone? It's ridiculous!

  • http://Anonymousnoreply@blogger.com Anonymous

    >someone went crazy happy with photoshop. those are not her thighs and she knows it.

  • http://Anonymousnoreply@blogger.com Anonymous

    >…LOL …. Oh dear … that is a old looking women. Her fat jelly thighs could never look that good…. oh yeah ..photo-shopped. Call me a hater …I don't even care … the word is acceptable to me and with regards to stinger bey …. I'll wear it PROUDLY.!!!!!

  • http://Lyricanoreply@blogger.com Lyrica

    >Same PoseSame Blond unkempt blonde extensionSame Predictable BEYAWNCEI yawn at this woman desperation to stay relavent.

  • http://www.blogger.com/profile/14118494788752423177 Clit Flea

    >I think Beyonce might could use one of those 'Kanye Breaks'. Kanye has been gone since the VMAs but It already feels like Years. Kanye has been hiding better than Bin Laden…This cover looks old to me, hmm, I think it was Recycled…

  • http://Lyricanoreply@blogger.com Lyrica

    >@ Clit Flea are you sick; I am glad that you finally come to light.

  • http://Anonymousnoreply@blogger.com Anonymous

    >LOL @ Kanye hiding better than Bin Laden! whoever said that …not sure…I like that the bitch is wearing but yes I agree with Lyrica , this is the same ish we been seeing since this bitch claim to be 16 ..next !-TurhtBeTold

  • http://Lyricanoreply@blogger.com Lyrica

    >I meant to say that I am glad that you are finally saw the light!!!! I agree with what you said about Beyonce. Beyonce is not going to listen; so she have to find out the hard way. Clit flea you almost brought tears to my eyes.

  • http://Lyricanoreply@blogger.com Lyrica

    >@Truth be told I am not feeling the outfit something seems a tad bit off.

  • http://BYEonceisajoketoldbyMattyCainnoreply@blogger.com BYEonce is a joke told by Matty Cain

    >LMAO at KrazYE' hiding better than Bin Laden. We sure haven't been seeing that fool is he still alive? His whore bag of a girlfriend has been all over the place, tho.Clit Flea have we finally convinced you that BYEonce isn't what she seems. Has her coochie popping lost it's effect on you?

  • http://www.blogger.com/profile/11132364033511995995 Quiana

    >Please Clit Flee is still going to have Bey back on tomorrow, but at the topic: What the hell happen and why she's not on a so called break. Damn I wish she would do a Kanye and disappear for a while.

  • http://Clitnoreply@blogger.com Clit

    >All i was Saying is that Bey should take a less exaggerated yet effective Break like Kanye has had, We hardly hear Kanye on the radio, No callabos No New Material,… Nothing. So By the time he releases another Product, we will be all over him.His abstinence is very apparent though he hasnt been away for long. Thats what bey needs.This is just so Bey can have a disappearance B4 her next album comes out. It was that way B4 her last album was released too. Breaks are important, True But 'long 5 yr Breaks' are un-necessary for Acts like Bey who only needs a year to put out great albums. Thus we need a 'Kanye Break'.

  • http://Anonymousnoreply@blogger.com Anonymous

    >They forgot to photoshop the rest of her body. It looks really weird.